It’s with huge pleasure I can confirm we’re getting our good friend TRITIUM RACING ramped up for some fast sailing once again! 

You may have seen some photos of a refit going on over the couple of months. Well it’s coming along fast and we’ll be in the water by the end of this week. As well as a complete overhaul of all the systems we’ve upgraded our foils, lightened the boat and worked on the sails. 

The 2016 racing schedule will start with Newport to Ensenada at the end of April. 

Then we head to new waters; north to the Pacific Northwest. 

First up is the Swiftsure Race, where the race record is held by the late Steve Fossett. Its going to be hard to beat, but with out new configuration we have a chance if we get good weather.

After that we’ll be taking out the engine and getting ourselves ready for the challenge of the summer: The Race to Alaska!

The biggest is not always the fastest but the Tritium Racing team is always up for a new challenge; we just have to figure out a way to get the monster off the dock and to the startline without an engine! 

We operate an open boat policy so if you find yourself on the dock before any of these races, don’t hesitate to come say Hi and we’ll be happy to answer any questions and give you a look around the boat.

Follow our adventures here TRITIUM RACING

And last but by all means not least, a HUGE thanks to our awesome Sponsors and Partners who make all this possible : Switlik, Garmin, Sperry, Fisheries Supply, KVH, Marlow Ropes and Gladstones Long Beach.