RYAN BREYMAIER is America’s most talented short-handed ocean sailor and has broken 4 World Speed Sailing Records.

Our partnership is a great opportunity:

  • To attract millions of sailing fans around the world, as part of a 4-year cycle of international sailing events.
  • For significant international PR value outside sporting press.
  • For a unique and highly engaging platform for VIP hospitality.
  • To have a brand ambassador with an incredible story of human endeavor and adventure.

An exciting and fruitful marketing opportunity, the values and challenges of ocean racing mirror those of today’s business world.
My commitment is to provide a versatile communication platform and assure my sponsor significant return on their investment and objectives.
To share the adventurous spirit of the sport by competing in the world’s most extreme ocean races.
To represent my country as the sole American in the discipline and bring the sport ocean of racing to the eyes and hearts of the public worldwide.


Born and raised in Maryland, Ryan studied and sailed at St. Mary’s College where he developed his passion for competitive yacht racing. Determined to succeed, he pursued his professional sailing career first on a number of American programs before relocating to France to immerse himself in offshore racing. He quickly started to work and compete on the coveted IMOCA circuit and skippered/raced on many accomplished campaigns.

  • 2015: 3-times Guiness World Record/World Speed Sailing Record holder as Skipper of VPLP maxi trimaran ‘Lending Club’ 3 | Shortlist for Rolex Yachtsman of the Year Award.
  • 2014: 1st Place IMOCA New York to Barcelona double-handed transatlantic race on ‘Hugo Boss’.
  • 2013: 1st Place Multihull division and first to finish Transpac on Orma 72 ‘Lending Club’ | World speed sailing record holder, ‘The Golden Route’ New York to San Francisco in 47 days onboard VOR70 ‘Maserati’.
  • 2012: 4th place Krys Ocean Race (New York – Brest, France) on MOD70 ‘Musandam’ | 2nd place Transat Quebec – St Malo on Class 40 ‘Mare’ | 1st Place USA Atlantic Cup offshore race on Class 40 ‘Mare’.
  • 2011: Ranked 6th in the 2011 IMOCA World Championship, first ever ranked American.
  • 2010: 5th Place Barcelona World Race: non-stop double-handed circumnavigation. 1st prize for video and photo communication during the race.


ocean masters world championship

20+ active teams makes IMOCA the strongest ocean racing class in the world.

2 international events per year, including at least one transoceanic or around the world race.

NEW events in new locations to attract new fans and international commercial sponsors.

Vendée Globe

816 TV hours

4,309 Accredited media attendance

52,647 Print articles

210M Official website views

$1.4B Media value

97K Facebook fans with 83%

interaction during race

onshore activities.

Share the excitement of race day with VIP access for guests at events.

Passes for tours of the boat at the dock.

Exclusive meetings with the skipper.

Spectator boats on the water to follow the race start.

Truly international.

Breymaier Sailing offers a sponsorship platform that drives international coverage in sports and lifestyle press. It truly is like no other.

  • Combining the IMOCA Ocean Masters World Championship and promotional sailing ensures presence around the globe.
  • With 75% of the world’s major cities situated by the ocean, our partnership is the perfect opportunity to target those markets.
  • Short-handed racing generates incredible stories appealing to both sports and international lifestyle press.
  • Ryan’s story makes him an ideal international brand ambassador and the boat is a unique backdrop for lifestyle photography.

“Fundamentally, all sport is about strength of character,” Mills said. “When competing on the ocean, you need the ability to dig deep. And Ryan has enormous tenacity and is one of those guys that never gives up.”


Partner with a winning American in a sport that is simple to understand and attracts the attention of a wide consumer base outside of the sailing community.

Get the compelling parallel stories with a real-time connection to a world-class skipper.

Creative opportunities at every corner.

Offshore sailing provides the perfect platform to develop a unique brand story that can be manipulated to achieve varying objectives from internal communications to consumer engagement to B2B hospitality.