Lending Club 2 – A Huge Success Story

16th September

After an action-packed 6 month charter, today the maxi-trimaran Lending Club 2 project has come to an end and we hand the boat back to its owner.

We knew from the start back in March that this was going to …

Lending Club 2015

27th July

So here I sit, on this 105ft trimaran slowly beating towards Panama on the first portion of the delivery back to Europe. Slowly being a relative term since we’re still sailing at 14 knots, the top speed for most sailboats, …

Strangers at Sea

21st November

In June 2014 I raced from New York to Barcelona onboard IMOCA Hugo Boss with Spanish co-skipper Pepe Ribes.

It was one of the toughest races I have ever done. Situations meant that Pepe and I had no time to train …

The safe decision is the right decision

25th August

On August 11th I set off onboard Class 40 Stella Nova for the start of what has turned out to be an incredible record-breaking Round Britain and Ireland Race.

The Stella Nova is boat #4 of the Mach 40 series, …

Stella Nova Calling

6th August

The RORC Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race has always been on my bucket list. 1800 miles of the best of the British summer wind conditions and increased tactics incorporating strong tides and even the choice of going clockwise or …


11th July

I met Rick Warner last summer in San Francisco and I learnt all about his Michigan-based racing program on his modified F31 trimaran “CHEEKY” (previously Cheekee Monkeey). It sounded like a lot of fun and I’ve been following the team’s …

A tough race but a first-ever win for the USA in the IMOCA class!

22nd June

As I sit in Barcelona airport waiting for my flight back to Brittany I am looking at my massive ‘To Do’ list. Thanks to all the people for the support and congratulations, calls and letters to catch up with family …


15th April

For the past 6 months I have been working with Alex Thomson Racing’s management company “5 West” in my search to find a partner for my Vendee Globe Project USA.

Our cooperation took another step recently, when …

Rum Run

24th February

This week I went from cold and humid Brittany to the hot and humid Caribbean to race in the sixth edition of the Caribbean 600.

The Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) was founded to encourage long distance yacht racing across …

An old boat with a big story

30th November

Partnering with Five West for an IMOCA campaign. Official press release.

17th September

Leading American Offshore Sailor Partners Sailing Consultancy Five˚West

17th September, 2013 – Today, leading offshore sailor Ryan Breymaier announces his intention to build a campaign for the Vendee Globe in 2016. Following an increase in interest in short-handed round the …

Diversity, the beauty of sailing.

30th July

What I really like about sailing is its diversity and within that diversity there are some common themes – this has been driven home to me during this past year quite dramatically.

I started back in june with a transatlantic …

Project Tritium Racing

10th June

Over the past six weeks I have had my head down working hard on a new exciting project called Tritium Racing.

The aim is to race the Transpac from Los Angeles to Hawaii this coming July and hopefully beat the …

Champagne sailing on Lecoq Cuisine

9th April

Last thursday morning myself, Yann Le Breton and JB Daramy left Concarneau with ‘Lecoq Cuisine’, the latest Class 40 designed by Guillaume Verdier and built by François Robert last year.

We’re taking the boat to Charleston USA so that owner …

Its official!

3rd April

The World Speed Sailing Record Certificate has arrived bringing great memories of an amazing trip.

Here’s to more new adventures coming soon.


Grazie Gio

19th February

Well the dust has finally settled…
After a huge weekend, starting with arriving in San Francisco with Maserati on Saturday morning and celabrating through sunday, I finally have time to sit and send this final Maserati New York – San …

Closing in on San Francisco

13th February

We are entering into the last few days onboard Maserati, and just as at Cape Horn, we are going to make this milestone sailing upwind.

We have about 675 miles to go directly north to San Fran, and about 800 …

Funny old trade winds

11th February

We are sailing in a very strange version of the tradewinds on board Maserati.

It is cold and grey with 35 degree shifts so we range from full upwind to cracked off significantly as we try to follow a …

Guano alert!

9th February

“Today was our first day of trade winds sailing and it has been a beautiful one.  Except one thing. Our beautiful Maserati logo on the mainsail is full of guano!!!!

We were followed for about 4 hours this afternoon by …

A mystery to the end

8th February

We are sailing under a cloudy sky, with rain, but it is not the usual doldrums crossing on Maserati.. First of all, it is only about 15 degrees on deck, even though we are at 7 north, and at night it is cold and …

Equator done

6th February

This afternoon we crossed the Equator. We all had a little nip of whiskey and offered the obligatory dose for Neptune. We brought out the last of our salami, which we ate with crackers as we sat in the afternoon sun, …

A day away from the equator

5th February

At 390 miles from the Equator, we are beginning the inevitable slow down as the wind goes light.  The sail configuration is still A3 and full mainsail on Maserati , and we continue to make good time along the track …

Easter Island to the left

1st February

Not much to tell onboard Maserati, we are in a field of easterly winds
about 2000 miles across from north to south. It is interesting to see all
the little islands which we come near on the map, we passed …

Lucky breaks on Maserati

29th January

“On Maserati we have caught a lucky break with the weather in the last 18
hours.  The forecast was to be gybing downwind following the periphery of
the high pressure to our west in 10-13 knots of breeze, while not …


27th January

Today is going to be a day of threading the needle on Maserati. We are skirting just to the east of the beginnings of the high, while at the same time a small localized low pressure has formed to our …

Goodbye Southern Ocean

25th January

On board Maserati we have already left the Southern Ocean. I feel a little bit bit sad as it’s a magical place.

Onthe other hand, the conditions are getting easier with every mile we go to the north.

Our high

Chilly Chile

24th January

The only words I have to describe the time since passing the horn are: cold, frigid, bone chilling, etc. I think you get the picture.

When you decide to take on the Golden route, it is not all sun and …

Maserati around Cape Horn in record time

22nd January

At  3:35 GMT today we rounded Cape Horn with Maserati on our quest to beat the Golden Route speed record.

This is  9  hours inside the mark set by the 110’ catamaran Gitana 13.  Granted they waited behind the horn for 5 …

Closing on the Falklands – English et Français

20th January

The dawn has come cold and clear on Maserati.

It is amazing, but as soon as you see the sun starting to peer over the horizon, you immediately feel its warmth. The five hours of darkness are bone-chillingly cold, and …

Negotiating the St Helena high

19th January

Only 675 miles from the Horn on Maserati.

We are sailing upwind in 12 knots, J1 and full main, in beautiful flat water with not a cloud in the sky. The boat goes great in these conditions, we can do …

Upwind to the Horn – English et Français

17th January

Maserati has passed the cold front, and is into the predicted upwind conditions. It was not very difficult, with gusts to 35 knots but only for a short period.

We were well prepared after the last one and went into …

Maserati sailing under sunny skies

17th January

Our complicated weather situation onboard Maserati, over the past few days leading to our Cape Horn rounding, has kept us from going extremely fast  but we should still be ahead of the average boat-speeds of all the Golden Route records to date.…

Strange weather but gains on the South – English et Français!

15th January

On Maserati we are in a strange zone with many different weather phenomenon, we went through a little front where we had our sail damage, then were in light air for a day.

Now the wind has gone easterly giving …

La fin de l’été pour Maserati

14th January

Nous venons de passer 12 heures assez intéressant à bord le Maserati.

Nous venons de passer un front froid avec beaucoup de changements de direction de vent et des rafales. On s’est fait avoir en enroulant le A3; on a …

Summer is over on Maserati

14th January

On Maserati we have had an interesting 12 hours, we went through a cold front which was very shift and gusty, and got caught out with the furling A3. We managed to get it rolled up, but not well, and …

Last day of the Trades

14th January

Onboard Maserati we are enjoying our last day of tradewinds sailing in the Atlantic Ocean. The wind has backed a lot as we approach a small front/ low pressure center, and we will have to pick our way along to …

Into the Southeast Trades

11th January

We have made great time doing over 350 miles yesterday, despite these Southeast Trades not being as strong as we expected.

The conditions are awesome; with flat water and moderate breeze of 10-15 knots the Maserati has been chewing up …

Doldrums – check

10th January

So, didn’t we get lucky with the doldrums. One day, 180 miles, in and out, 2 sail changes, no tacks or gybes, and plenty of boatwork done on our pitstop, most all of it waterproofing.

The speed fell below 10 …

Ambrose Light to the Equator, 9 days and 45 minutes.

9th January

We are super happy to be this far south this quickly, and hope we can keep it up for the rest of our trip. We have had excellent conditions, with one tack in the high pressure ridge being our only …

160 miles from the equator

9th January

So we blasted straight thru the tradewinds in good time; it was not your typical downwind slide like in the ARC brochure, more of a firehose reach as we crossed at a 90 degree angle.

As I write this, we …

The drench rate

8th January

At night I feel like if I could get the boat to plane a little higher, I could fly right through the Southern Cross.

This is what was going through my head last night at the helm of Maserati, working …

into the Trades

6th January

At the time of this writing, Sunday morning EST on Maserati we are approximately 1200 miles east of Antigua, heading 155.  The trades have built overnight, and are about 18 knots from a bearing of 65.  Our plan was just to get SE …

A hive of activity

5th January

As promised, today was a busy day. With the big breeze behind us, the whole crew got on with putting the boat back together after the 3-day beating she’s just taken.

The first mission was to dry out the boat and all …

A big day ahead.

4th January

Today is going to be a big day.

First, we are going to be attacking the high pressure ridge which lies between us and the tradewinds. This is great, because it means we have done 1500 miles or so since …

Welcome to the wet VOR70 world….

4th January

We have our third day of the low pressure today. In the night we had a cold front passage, so the wind went to the north from the west, it rained a lot, and we slammed on what seemed like …

and we’re off!

4th January

Wow, what a start to the record attempt and what a way to start the year.

It has been absolutely out of control here, at the moment it is nearly too rough to use the keyboard.

We passed the Ambrose …

Waiting is a funny thing

31st December

Waiting is a funny thing.  Since we brought Maserati north from Charleston at the beginning of December, I have been ready to go sail around Cape horn to San Francisco.

The Golden Route.

Truth be told, I have been waiting …

Gallery update

28th December

A couple of great shots from J-One 2012 mediterranean seasonBlurb2

Breymaier Slider2

Maserati in NY

19th December


Gold Route

18th December

Boris has our Golden Route mapped out and ready to go. ETD very soon!

Soldin’s Maserati on New York standby for San Francisco gold run….

18th December

Soldin’s Maserati on New York standby for San Francisco gold run….

Italy’s most high profile ocean racer, Giovanni Soldini, and a handpicked eight-man international crew are standing by in New York, waiting for the optimum weather to beg

in a …

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Lending Club 2 – A Huge Success Story

After an action-packed 6 month charter, today the maxi-trimaran Lending Club 2 project has come to an end and we hand the boat back...

Lending Club 2015

So here I sit, on this 105ft trimaran slowly beating towards Panama on the first portion of the delivery back to Europe. Slowly being...

Strangers at Sea

In June 2014 I raced from New York to Barcelona onboard IMOCA Hugo Boss with Spanish co-skipper Pepe Ribes.

It was one of the toughest races...